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Select from beautiful, successful pairings of Proven Winners tried-and-true shrubs and perennials. Pick up at your favorite garden center or have them delivered to your door.

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What to plant and how to arrange them

Looking to brighten your yard? Want to add a glow of seasonal color to the view beyond your windows? Wish your garden attracted more pollinators?

Use Proven Plant Pairings to find successful collections for the seasons you want, in the colors you love, and matched specifically for your garden preferences.

You will be presented with several Proven Plant Pairings that you can save, print, and order as desired. You’ll also see Complementary Shrubs that can help extend the pairing’s theme over larger spaces.


Colors you love

Customize the pairings by choosing a combination of colors you’d like to see in your garden. Not sure? Let the tool choose the colors for you.


Manageable size

Get big color and personality with the pairings’ modestly sized arrangements of plants, or increase the quantities in your cart to fill larger spaces.


Better with age

With simple care, your pairings of perennials and shrubs will grow back again each year. Save your favorite as a PDF that lists the plants, their info, and helpful planting tips.

Pairings by landscape designers

Julie Moir Messervy

Award-winning landscape designer, author, lecturer, and founder of Home Outside.

Home Outside is thrilled to offer the Proven Plant Pairings tool with Proven Winners. We’re passionate about helping people garden successfully and getting us all outside again.

For three decades my landscape design team and I have been helping people design the landscapes they love. We’ve written books, created a property layout app, and designed countless gardens and property plans around the country and beyond.

Wherever you live, if you’d like help placing your favorite Proven Plant Pairings into your property in a thoughtful way, Home Outside offers a range of services for custom, expert, online landscape design.

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